How Do I Add Images to Description Areas in Profiles and Sessions?


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Images can be added to the description areas of your Attendee, Speaker and Company profiles, as well as your Sessions. Images that you would like to add to these areas will need to be added using an image URL, meaning they will need to be hosted online. 

Once you have hosted your image online, you can access the image URL by right clicking, and selecting Copy Image Address. Using the URL you had copied, you can now access the description area that you would like to add it, and select the Rich Text option to access the Tree icon as displayed in the example. 

How to copy the image URL: 



How to add the image URL to your description: 



On the pop-up that appears, you can paste in the URL you had copied into the Image URL field. The dimensions will automatically display based on the actual size of the image, however, you may need to adjust it to ensure it appears correctly on a smartphone device screen. We recommend that the x field be set to 300 or less, and the y field to be adjusted based on the ratio of the original image (Depending on the image you are using, you may choose to decrease or increase these numbers). 



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