App Submission Image Requirements

In order to successfully submit your app, we need three images for your app store listing! 

1. App Icon: 

This image will appear on the app store listing, as well as on the home screen of users' devices when they download the app. 

Image Requirement: 1024x1024px with NO transparency. 



2. Start Up Image:

This image will appear when users open the native app. The start up image appears when the app is loading. Please be aware of the safe zone. You'll notice that the start up image is a square. This is Apple's new requirement and it accounts for the cropping on all different sizes of devices that the app will be accessed on.

Please ensure that no logos or text is in the RED ZONE, so that we can account for the cropping on the sides and top of the image. 

Image Requirement: 2732x2732px with 1200x1764px in the safe zone. 


Here are some examples for your reference:



3. Google Play Feature Graphic: 

This image is specifically for the Google Play store and will appear on users' phones when they search for your branded app. 

Image Requirement: 1024x500px


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