How Can I Sync Information Using An Integration?


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API Integrations allow information to sync from one platform to another by communicating with each other. Using an integration, you can send a call for information in one platform and pull that data into another. 

If you are looking to establish an integration between your database and the Experience Manager to build your event products, then you will want to consider which option will be best suited based on the team that you are working with. Although integrations can be established using our API documentation, it will require that you have a designated team member who is familiar with API and coding to ensure that the integration is set up correctly. 

If you do not have a team member who can support the set up of an API or if you are looking for a custom integration, then EventMobi does offer integration services that you can incorporate into your event package for an additional cost. 

Building Your Own Integration
To establish an integration using a member of your own team, you will want to begin by requesting an API Key from the Support team. This key is specific to the organizer email that you provide, and will grant full read and write permissions to the Content Manager for your event. If the person you are requesting the API key for does not already have access to the Content Manager then you will want to request that they are added as an authorized organizer as well. 

To establish the integration, your team will want to reference our API Documentation and ensure that the data you are requesting syncs correctly into the Content Manager. 

Integration Services
Integrations can be established by the EventMobi team in the event that you do not have a team member with the skills and knowledge required, or that you are looking to create a custom sync outside of what is outlined in our API documentation. Pricing and timelines for this service can vary depending on the platform, and data you are looking to pull so it is best to reach out to your Account Manager for additional information on this service. 

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