How can I control which attendees’ profiles are public in the app?


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You may have participants at your event who want to use the Event App, but do not want to be included in the app’s attendee list.

Attendees that do not wish to have a visible profile will need to be removed from any Attendee sections of the app. If your event security settings are set to Registered Users Only, you can still allow these attendees to log into the Event App by adding a profile to a hidden Speakers section.

  1. Access the App Design Studio area of the Content Manager and select the Sections tab.
  2. Choose the Add a Module option to create a new Speakers module type.
  3. Once your new section is saved, find it in the Sections list and click on Hide.
  4. Select your new Speakers module from the left hand menu of your Content Manager to add your profiles. Reference this article for additional information on how to add content to your section.

Note that if users choose to participate in app games, or message another participant directly, their profile information will be shared on the leaderboard or with those they privately message. You may want to outline this in your Terms of Use, and/or share the data specifically with those who request to have their profiles hidden.

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