How do I display live poll results from my presentation slides?

Displaying results for your live polls is as simple as entering a URL into your browser and connecting your laptop to a screen that is shared with the audience. If you are using slides and do not have the option of switching between display screens, then you may find that demonstrating the live results screen can provide a bit of a disruption in the overall flow of your presentation. Using a tool called LiveSlides can help in allowing you to embed results directly into PowerPoint slides. 

What Will I Need To Get Started?
LiveSlides will need to be downloaded and installed to each computer that will display live results at the event - keep this in mind for any Speakers that may be using their own equipment for their session presentations. Once installed, you should notice a new LiveSlides tab available from your PowerPoint menu that will allow you to insert the live poll results URL you wish to display. 

Make sure that if you are transferring your powerpoint presentation between devices, you will need to redo the live slide presentation import on the new device.

Where Can I Download LiveSlides?
To download LiveSlides or find more information on how to use it visit


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