How do I display live poll results from my presentation slides?


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Displaying results for your live polls is as simple as selecting the Present option from your Experience Manager, or entering the URL that generates into a browser (for those that are not listed as organizers). Each question's results will be accessible via this unique URL, and can be shared with the audience from a laptop screen connected to a TV display. 

If you are using slides during your session and do not wish to interrupt the flow of the presentation by switching between display screens, then you can use the Web Viewer PowerPoint extension.

What Will I Need To Get Started?
Web Viewer will need to be downloaded and installed to each computer that will display live results at the event - keep this in mind for any Speakers that may be using their own equipment for their session presentations. Once installed, you should notice a "Insert Web Page" menu like the one below.


Where Can I Download the Web Viewer extension?
To download the Web Viewer you can go to the link below or through the Power Point Add-On menu.

How To Add Your Live Results Link Into Your Powerpoint Presentation

1. In PowerPoint, click on the INSERT tab 

2. Search for Web Viewer and click "Add" 
3. Paste in the URL  and you'll see the live results appear - you can drag the corners to make it as large as the slide.  When presenting on a projector, much more of the results screen will show but you'll want to test! 
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