Step 2: Granting EventMobi Access To Your Accounts


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After you've successfully created your developer accounts and they've been approved by Apple and Google Play, the next step is to grant EventMobi access so we can publish the app on your behalf! Below, you'll find the steps for Apple and Google Play. 



For Apple, you'll need to give EventMobi access to both the Apple Member Center and App Store Connect.

1. Apple Member Center 


  • Click Invite People
  • In the Invite as Admins field, enter the email address: and click Invite. For the name, enter: First Name EventMobi Last Name App.

2. App Store Connect 



  • Enter the First Name EventMobi and Last Name Apps and the address, then click Next.
  • Select the role App Manager and click Next, then click Save.
  •  If you have already created the app within your account, you can modify the permissions for that single event if you would prefer.


Google Play

  1. Sign in to
  2. In the Google Play Console go to Settings > Users and Permissions > Invite New User
  3. Enter the following information: 
  4. Click Send Invitation
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