How do I add Sponsors to the Companies module?


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In your event app you have the ability to add a "Companies" module where you can highlight event sponsors and companies.  Companies are added in the same way as attendees and speakers and can be input manually using the add button or through exporting and importing an Excel template.  

The steps for inputting companies individually can be found below: 

  1. Open up your "Companies" module and click the green "Add" button to open up the profile creation page.
  2. Input the name of your sponsor/exhibitor.  Sponsor profiles can be assigned self edit links the same way speaker or attendee profiles can so if you would like to have the company edit their own profile you can do that by clicking the "Email Profile" button beside the sponsor once you create them.
  3. Once you have included any details you would like in the company profile, click the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

The steps for inputting companies using an Excel template can be found below:

  1. Click the orange "Export" button at the top of the page.
  2. Select "Export Sponsors".  The site will now download the Excel template you will use to add companies to your module.
  3. If you have already added sponsors or speakers to your app using the excel template then this process will be very familiar!  Input the details for the company under the respective columns.
  4. Input a unique ID in the ID column.  These IDs will need to be alphanumeric.
  5. Make sure you leave the Self Edit Link column blank as the app will populate this section once you import the spreadsheet.
  6. Save your spreadsheet and click the orange "Import" button within the Companies module.
  7. Select the "Sponsors Details" and open your recently edited spreadsheet.

If you are planning on sending out self-edit links to companies using either of these creation methods, we recommend filling in the email field so you don't have to add one each time you send out a self edit email.


How do I send out self edit links to companies I have added to this module?

Self-edit links are sent out the same way for companies as they are for attendees and speakers.  If you would like to send these out individually select the "Email Profile" button beside a company to bring up the self edit link template editor.  Input the email you would like to have the link sent from, the email subject and the message you would like to include.  The receiver email will already be filled in if you have included an email for the company you are sending a self-edit link to.  


Can I send out all self edit links together?

Self edit links can be sent out all together but it will need to be done by support.  Make sure that emails have been included within the company profile before submitting a request to support.  You can contact support with your request to send out all self edit links together here.

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