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When adding an Image to a content space using the Rich Text Editor your image will require a URL. Unlike adding a Profile Image or Map, you cannot upload an image directly from your computer.

An image will have a URL when it has been uploaded and is being hosted on a website already.

3. A new tab will open up which should be just the Image Selected

4. The new tab will have a URL in the address bar that tells you where the image is hosted. This is the URL that we want to copy and paste for the Rich Text Editor Image.

How do I get a URL address for images that are hosted locally on my computer?

Within your EventMobi app there are two tricks you can use to generate a URL for images that are saved to your computer.  All of the images uploaded to your app through these methods will be hosted through Amazon Web Services and can only be accessed if you provide someone with the unique URL.

Using the Document Library

If you have the Documents Library included in your app package you can host documents online by following these steps.  Since the Document Library is only viewable by event organizers, attendees will not be able to see the content you add.

1.  Open your "Documents Library" from the left hand menu in your content manager.

2.  Select "Add to Library" and then "Choose Files" to select the image stored on your computer.  Keep in mind that any image files will need to be in png, jpeg or jpg format at a maximum size of 10mb.

3.  The image you have uploaded will now appear in your documents library.  Right click the green "View" button beside your image and click "Copy Link Address".    

4.  You will now have the URL of your image copied to your clipboard to paste.  Right click and select "Paste" anywhere you would like to place the image URL.


Using the Infobooth module

If you do not have a Documents Library included in your app, you can host images online through a hidden Infobooth page.  To do this, simply follow these steps.

1.  Open the "Infobooth" module within your content manager.

2.  Click the green "Add Page" button.

3.  The title and page content sections are required but you can input any information as this page will not be viewable to attendees.

4.  Select "Include an image on the page" bellow "Page Content" and choose the image you would like to upload by clicking "Choose Files".

5.  Once you have uploaded your photo and included title/page content, click "Add".

6.  Click the "Customize" tab in the top right of the screen.  Find the page you just created and click "Hide" so attendees will not be able to view the page.  Once you have hidden your new page, click "Save Changes". 

7.  Go back to the "Manage" tab and select "Edit" beside the new page you have created.

8.  A preview of the image you just uploaded will now appear.  Right click on the image and select "Copy Image Address".  

9.  The URL link for your image will now be copied to your clipboard to paste.  Right click and select "Paste" anywhere you would like to place the image URl.

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