What is a Multi Event App (MEA) and what do they do?


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Our Multi Event App (MEA) product allows you to include multiple events within one easily accessible area. This helps attendees to find your event information in one location, and view your event details at a glance. This can be incredibly helpful when you are planning multiple events throughout an extended period of time, where the attendee lists happen to overlap. 

Event information can be shown to all users, or made private if necessary. Users will have the option of accessing the Multi Event App by URL if they are using a desktop, or through the EventMobi app when they are using a smartphone device or tablet. 

Using The EventMobi App

A Smart Launch page will be assigned to your Multi Event App once it has been created, and will act in directing Apple and Android device users to download the EventMobi app to launch your event information. 

When the Multi Event App (MEA) is accessed using the EventMobi app, it will appear as an option in the top menu. Users who have more than one MEA on the EventMobi app can easily scroll to the one that they need to access. 

The search bar allows users to search from the event list, while the key icon is used to unlock a private event you have invited them to. In the case that a user needs to unlock a private event, they will be asked to input the event code that is assigned to that particular event. 





Your Event Information

Events that you have selected for your Multi Event App will be referenced as Upcoming, Past, or Today. In addition to this, you can select one of your events to be demonstrated as the Featured Event so it will appear at the top of the list, and receive more attention from your attendees. 

Each event will include a preview of the event name, dates and location, along with a Launch App button. If you have a registration site available for your event, you can also choose to include a button that will direct users to this information. 


Scrolling all the way to the right hand side of the top menu will provide you with a Settings option which can be used to add and remove Multi Event App pages from the EventMobi app. Simply enter in the MEA code to add, or select the Remove option when you no longer wish to access a page. 







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