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Within the home screen of your event app you have the option of adding 6 different types of widgets.

These widget types include:

  • Image
  • Timer
  • Location
  • Agenda
  • Game
  • Discussions


Image Widgets

Image widgets can be uploaded to your home screen and linked to either a website or a module within your event app.  Image widgets have 4 available sizes with associated dimensions, more details about this can be found here.  Some examples of how to use image widgets are linking to sponsor or speaker profiles, linking to specific modules within your app and adding additional branding to your event app.  Keep in mind these are just a few of the things that image widgets can do within your app as they are very versatile!


Timer Widgets

Timer widgets display the amount of time left until your event.  Once you add a timer widget, simply open the settings menu of the widget and select the date and time you would like to countdown to.  Please be advised that the countdown time is tied to your event timezone which can be changed in your "Event Info" menu.

Location Widgets

Location widgets display your event location through Google Maps.  The widget can be sized into the same 4 shapes as an image widget and can have overlay text added to appear overtop of the widget.


Agenda Widgets

The agenda widget will display a preview of sessions that an attendee has in their schedule.  The size of the widget will determine how many sessions are displayed.  When selecting your agenda widget size within the agenda widget settings menu, it will show you how many sessions will appear.


Game Widgets

The game widget will display the current leaderboard for your gamification challenges.  It will display the top 3 players as well as the current score of the attendee that is logged in.  You also have the option of customizing your "Leaderboard" text to anything you wish!  If you would like more information about gamification leaderboards, click here.

Discussion Widgets

Discussion widgets will display your current group discussions available in your app.  They can be sized into the same 4 shapes as image and location widgets.  You can also choose to include a custom title.


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