Can I use push notifications with my Multi Event App (MEA)?

Push notifications can be used with your MEA but it will require an upgrade to the native MEA app built after November 25th, 2016.  If you are not sure what version of your MEA app that you have or you need to have it updated, please contact support.  

Like push notifications for your event app, they will only be available for Android and iOS users.  If users have allowed push notifications for the MEA, they will automatically be subscribed to an event's notifications when they launch the app form the event listing.  

Am I subscribed to notifications for all events?

No, you will only be subscribed to notifications for the vents you most recently launched in the MEA.

Will users get notifications for events they do not have the passcode for?

If secure mode is enabled for an event, users will only be subscribed to notifications after successfully providing the passcode and accessing the event app.

Can I send a push notification to users of the MEA, outside an event context?

No, push notification handling for MEA currently handles event notifications only.

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