What is the event support email in the event info section needed for?


  This article is for our Classic Content Manager.

If you are an EventMobi customer and using experience.eventmobi.com, your account is using our new Experience Manager. If this is the case, please visit help.eventmobi.com

Within your Infobooth module you have the option to include a "Help Desk" link that allows attendees to email any questions or concerns to an email of your choice.  You can update the email you wish to have attendee inquiries sent to in the "Event Info" section of your content manager.  By default, the "Help Desk" will be hidden.  If you wish to enable it go to your "Infobooth" module in your content manager, navigate to the "Customize" tab and select "Show" beside "Help Desk".



Below you will find an example of how the "Help Desk" will appear in the Infobooth.  Once the attendee selects "Help Desk" within the app they will be brought to a page where they can include their email address and their question.



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