What is a promotional video and how long do they take to be completed?

What is a promotional video?

When promoting your app you have the option of having us generating an amazing promotional video for your app!  This video will highlight 3 modules from your app as well as the overall app itself.  Here are examples of what a promotional video for your Web App and Native App will look like.

Web App

Native App  

If you would like to inquire about having us create a promotional video for your app, please let your account manager know or you can reach out to support and they will put you in contact with them.


How long will it take until my promotional video is ready?

Once you have completed your Promotional Video form for your app and have sent it to support, our Video Marketing Manager will begin designing your custom promotional video.  This process can take up to one week and you will receive a YouTube link to the video upon completion.

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