Can I copy Attendee details, information and pictures into Speaker profiles?


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In some cases, you may have attendees that are also speakers or vice versa.  Instead of having them populate content into both profiles you can copy information and images from one into the other.  The steps for how to do this are below.


Step 1: Fill out attendee details including pictures. Either do this yourself or have your attendees complete their profile via self-edit emails.

Step 2: Add Speaker profiles to the Speakers module.

Step 3: Export the excel spreadsheets for Attendee details and Speaker details


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Step 4:  Delete the content in the Self-Edit link column, and any custom field columns that are not included in the Speaker profiles. Also delete any content that is in the Attendee Details spreadsheet that you do not wish to have in the Speaker Profile.

Step 5:  Copy the information from the Attendee details file in the columns: ID, Name, Title, Company Name, Description/About, Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Picture. Only copy this information for the profiles that you would like duplicated in the Speaker profile. I.e. if “Attendee 1” is not a speaker as well, do not copy their information.


Step 6:  Paste the copied information into the appropriate speaker profile row.

Step 7:  Delete the Attendee details file as you have removed information.  Do not upload this manipulated file into the attendee module.

Step 8:  Add any additional speaker profiles or additional information needed (optional)

Step 9:  Save the edited Speaker details spreadsheet.

Step 10:  Save the edited Speaker details spreadsheet.


Step 11:  You are done!  Double-check some of the profiles to ensure that the data was edited properly.

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