How do I create ticket promo codes and reveal codes?


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Creating Ticket Promo Codes & Reveal Codes can be done in your registration page by going to the Tickets option in the sidebar. 

  1. Ensure you have created a paid ticket first.

  1. Click on the Promo Codes tab in Registration > Tickets page.
  2. Click on Add Promo Code
  3. In the Add Promo Code panel, you will see your promo code options. Here you can:
    • Define a promo code. Promo codes are not case sensitive
    • Define a Percent Discount or Flat Discount
    • Assign a promo code to any number of tickets.
  4. Assign this promo code to any of the paid tickets you see in the tickets table


To apply a promo code on the Registration Landing Page:

  1. Click on Enter Promo Code to apply a promo code. Any tickets that have this promo code applied will automatically update with the appropriate discount.

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