How Can I Create a Hidden Session Only Accessible to Selected Attendees?

Based on type of your event, you might need to create agendas for different groups of attendees that should not be visible to other attendees at your event.
In order to create a hidden agenda, you first need to create a new Agenda module from within the CMS. You can do so from the Control Panel under the 'General Settings'. Once the new Agenda module has been added, you can add the required sessions to this new module. 
Then, navigate to 'App Design Studio' under 'General Settings' and select the 'Sections' tab. From here, you can hide your newly created Agenda module.
The last step is to add the desired sessions to the personal schedule of the attendees who should see the sessions.
If you wish to send the URL of the hidden Agenda module to selected attendees, briefly unhide the Agenda module, go to the front-end of the app, grab the URL from your Browser window and copy and paste it into an Alert. Don't forget to hide the Agenda module after you are done. 
If you have any questions or would like to get a walkthrough on creating hidden sessions please contact support!
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