Can I start promoting the app before it's finished?


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EventMobi is designed with a dynamic Home Screen that you can use to showcase event information, promotional material, marketing collateral, and even sponsorship at any stage of your app's development. Upload a 'Coming Soon' graphic and a countdown widget to introduce people to the app, and include widgets that link to engaging information.

Because any of your sections can be hidden at any time, you can selectively reveal parts of the app as you complete them, or keep everything hidden until you're ready for a big reveal. To hide or show a section, from your Content Manager, navigate to the App Design Studio > Sections, and click Hide or Show to the right of the relevant section.

Now, a
ll you need to do is hide all of the modules except those you would like attendees to see. We recommend leaving the Info Booth, which is easy to build and will contain basic event information, and your Attendees module, which allows attendees to add themselves into the app and get networking before the event starts. 

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