Can I apply a question to all sessions?


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Absolutely! If you're looking to replace those post-session surveys, or you just want to apply a question to several sessions, you can use the Session Feedback tab in the Polls & Feedback section. From there, you can apply the questions you're creating to all sessions, all the sessions within a given track, or a selection of specific sessions. You can create four types of questions: multiple-choice, open text, select one, and a star-rating out of five.

These questions will be embedded within session pages on the app, as opposed to live polls which are linked to at the bottom of session pages.



If you want to use the questions in a live poll, just email support with the questions, answers, and question types you would like. The same three question types pictured above apply to live polls.

Please note that we can only apply the live poll to all sessions indiscriminately and we cannot distinguish between sessions of a certain date or track. Once they have been added, any edits or deletions must be done individually to each session poll on your end. As such, please ensure that all the sessions to which you would like the question added are in your Agenda module before we apply your live poll. 



Ask a Question lets you collect questions and comments from your attendees that are visible in the Ask a Question forum page for a particular session. You can provide these to your speaker or display them on a large screen using the Results page.

To get to the results page for a given session's Ask a Question forum 
1. From your Content Manager, navigate to the Ask a Question section of the
Polls & Feedback module and switch to the Results tab.
2. Click the orange Results button for the relevant session to access the live results page.
3. Copy the URL in the address bar for that page and provide it to your presenter or AV team if you want to display the submitted questions live. Otherwise, they will still display in the app.

If you want to control which questions are displayed, click the blue Moderate button. From there, you can opt to hide or show particular questions based on their relevance or propriety.

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