What HEX codes correspond to the agenda track colors?


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Branding and customization is an important factor when it comes to building your app. Below you can find the HEX codes that correspond to the Agenda track colors.

Blue: #2e74c3
Silver: #b9c6cc
Lightblue: #2997d9
Green: #23b934
Yellow: #ddb900
Lime: #8bb300
Gold: #fdcb53
Orange: #e38700
Red: #b62726
Plum: #94477e
Pink: #e670e9
Purple: #8f28d0
Dark purple: #640647
Black: #000000
Brown: #76633f

The above should help to align your brand to your event app. It is important to note any colors added to tracks using the Tracks Excel template will need to be added in lower case letters - for example as blue rather than Blue.


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