Can additional changes be made to the app once it has been submitted to the app store?


You can continue to make changes to the app after it has been submitted, but we don’t recommend submitting it before most of the content has been entered because it can be rejected by the app stores if it looks empty or incomplete.

We also advise against making changes to the app's color theme and Home Screen widgets after it has been submitted; app stores feature screenshots of your app that are taken at the point of submission, so if you change the look and feel of the app after submitting to the app stores, the screenshots will not match the actual app and attendees may be confused.

What impact would a change of the icon app have for everyone who already downloaded the app?
The app would only be updated on their phone if they have automatic updates on, otherwise they'd need to manually download the update.


The following cannot be changed once your app has been submitted to the app store:

  • Anything listed under the Native App section of the Content Manager with the exception of short and long descriptions.  If you require these to be modified, please reach out to Support and let us know what changes you would like to be made.
  • The URL for your web version (either or your custom domain)


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