Can I change my app address or use a custom domain?


EventMobi mobile event apps can be accessed on any current internet browser, and in the Apple App Store and Google Play.



When accessing your app on your browser, attendees just enter your app's unique URL. EventMobi app URLs usually follow this format: (where "" is the domain and the shortcode is the part of your app's URL that distinguishes your event from others).


You decide the shortcode when you first create your app, and we recommend that you keep it simple and easy for attendees to enter. Shortcodes are not case sensitive so, if you would like to advertise the event app as 2014UPPERCASE, you may do so. Entering will take you to the same app as


App Stores

iOS and Android devices have their own app store and the app is offered separately in each. When you provide the links to your attendees, it's important to make sure each link correctly points to a different app store. You cannot customize these links with your own branding, but you can use HTML to embed the link in neutral text (i.e. you can put the link for Google Play in the words "click here to download the app for Android"). That said, when the app is downloaded, it will be from an EventMobi-branded page in the app store.



If branding is a high priority for your event, you can purchase the White Label add-on. This allows you to remove the prominent EventMobi branding within the app including the Powered By EventMobi logo at the bottom of your menu, the About EventMobi and Legal pages in the Info Booth, and the domain in your app's web address.


If you want to use a custom domain, all you have to do is purchase it and configure it to point to EventMobi. You can find details on how to do that in this PDF.


Once you’ve configured your domain, you will need to contact support before it can be linked to your event. This is required so that we can update our security certificate.

Without letting us update our security certificate, accessing an app with a custom domain will trigger a browser warning.


Note: It takes 1-2 business days on average for us to update the security certificate. Please account for this with your request to our support team.

Also, as mentioned above, you cannot customize the link to your app in an app store, but you can embed the link in other text throughout your electronic promotional materials.


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