How can I add fields of my own to attendee, speaker, and company profiles?


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EventMobi now offers enhanced customization, which includes custom fields. Custom fields are standard text fields within attendee, speaker, and company profiles that allow you to display and collect any information you like. 

Once custom fields have been enabled, you will see a new Manage Custom Fields tab on the top-right of your Attendees or Speakers module.



From there, you can create your own custom text fields.
1. Include the field name.
2. Select who can view the field. To make private fields, select Users Viewing Own Profiles under the Who can view this field? drop-down menu. If you want to create a field that allows you to attach information to profiles just for your own reference, select Admins on Content Manager.
3. Select who can edit the field, you or the user viewing their own profile. 
4. When you're done, just click Save Changes.

Your custom fields will appear in the attendee profiles below the standard set when editing them one-at-a-time. If editing them with Excel, they will appear as columns to the right of the standard set.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. You can reach us via live chat from your Content Manager by clicking on the blue Live Chat window on the bottom-right. Otherwise, shoot us an email at support or give us a call at 1-888-296-8415 x 2.

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