Can I add more sections and links to my menu?


You can add more of any sections included in your package at any time. These will appear in the sections menu on your app.

Step 1: Navigate to App Design Studio > Sections.

Step 2: Click Add a Module

Step 3: Name your new module and select a module type. Different types are optimized for different things, but Info Booths are generally a good catch-all for anything else you can think of. Click Create Section when you're done.

Step 4: From Sections tab, you can click the icon to the left of your new module to pick another one or upload your own.


Direct links are useful if you want to include buttons within your sections menu that link to something else. They can link to external pages, like your company website or a sponsor's website, or pages within the app. For example, if you wanted to create a button in the menu for a welcome message, you could create the welcome message page in the Info Booth and then use a Direct Link module to link to it from your menu. Then, you would just need to hide it from within the Info Booth itself (if you didn't want it to appear in both places) and you're done.

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