How do I use the Rich Text editor in the Description and About fields?


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To take advantage of the Rich Text editor, just click Rich Text above the text field and click OK on the pop-up. From the Rich Text editor, you can create a number of effects, from bolding and italicizing your text to adding hyperlinks and images. If you're savvy enough, you can even use an HTML source editor to create more effects, though we do strip some HTML out in order to abide by. The HTML can also be written directly into the appropriates description fields in the attendee details, speaker details, and sponsor details excel templates. 



Step 1: Enter your text and highlight the text you would like to make into a link.
Step 2: Click the hyperlink button and enter the URL you want the link to point to.
Step 3: Click Insert.



Step 1: Click the picture icon.
Step 2: Insert the web address for the picture.  This can be a still image or a GIF.
Step 3: Adjust the size as desired.
Step 4: Click Insert.

See the attachment for more information.

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