What is a leaderboard and how do I use it?


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A leaderboard is just a visual representation of how participants in a particular endeavour rank, with those who rank highest at the top. In the case of EventMobi Gamification, leaderboards recognize the top players who have accrued the most points, while simultaneously letting other players know who they have to beat and how far ahead they are.

If you want to display the leaderboard on a big screen, you can find the link to the leaderboard page in the Settings tab of the Gamification module. This is a great way to highlight the top-ranked players regularly to make sure the game remains a prominent feature of the event.

On the app, there's also a leaderboard within the game itself and a leaderboard widget on the Home Screen of the app, which lets attendees see the top-ranked players as well as the two players above them and the two behind them.

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