Who uploads the content to my app?


With our intuitive content management system, you have total control over the information on your app. Depending on how your data is organized, you can upload it in less than a day!

Throughout the Content Manager, you have the option of uploading your data one piece at a time or en masse with Excel. If you haven't started compiling your data yet, definitely contact Support so we can provide you with the Excel templates you will need to eventually upload. With those, you can make sure your data organization is optimized for a fast and easy upload.

When you create your event, only you will have access to it on the Content Manager. If you want to grant access to the other members of your team, just send Support the emails and preferred passwords (passwords can be changed by you at any time) of anyone you want added, and we would be happy to add them for you.

If you've used another company for your registration, consult Support to see if there is an integration with our Content Manager. If so, you can save yourself some time by synching the two systems up. It will be handy to have the credentials and account information for your registration system handy when you contact Support because you'll need to enter them to begin the sync. Click here to contact Support.


If you're entering crunch time and haven't had a chance to work on your app, don't worry! EventMobi now offers two upload services, Initial Upload and Full Service. With Initial Upload, you can pass us a bulk package of all your data and we will upload it for you; all you have to worry about is making the changes that come up here and there after the initial upload. This option is great for planners who have their information organized in advance as the cut-off date for submitting your data package is usually a few weeks before your event.

Full Service, on the other hand, lets you take your hands completely off the wheel. Pass us your data as it comes in, in whatever format, and we'll do the rest. We'll put you in contact with an expert app-builder from the Support team who will follow you through the creation of your app from start to finish and use their experience with 100s of apps to produce the best possible app.

If you're interested in either, contact your account manager to discuss pricing or contact Support to have your account manager reach out to you. It's best to have a sample of the data for your event and some idea of how many entries you'll need beforehand.



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