What are the main features of Live Display?


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Where does the content come from?
We integrate with your event app to create a simple and fast set-up process. By taking information you already have for your event, we can quickly create a Live Display for you, fully customized to your branding and event.

How do I send an alert?
You can send alerts through the content manager to update live or, you can pre-schedule alerts for your event ahead of time. Alerts will show for 5 minutes and every time a new one is issued, it’ll supercede the previous one allowing for one alert at a time.

What social channels make up the Social Screen?
We integrate directly with your Twitter account. We’ll continue to add more social networks with future releases.

What kind of sponsor content do you support?
Any images, advertisements, or information you’d like shown for your sponsors can appear on the sponsored page of your Live Display.

Does it update in real time?
Yes! Everything is in real time. The Live Display will also display any alerts you send out through your Event App.

What happens when Live Display loses internet connection?
As long as Live Display is not manually or forcefully refreshed during a lapse in internet connectivity, Live Display will continue to rotate between screens with the latest content at the point it lost connectivity. Once connectivity is re-established, it will then continue to display new content and update itself automatically.

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