How Does A Web App Differ From A Native App?

Attendees choosing the web app for your event will benefit from the same content and interactive options available through the Eventmobi iOS and Android apps (or your custom native app if your event has one).

The web app is installed by accessing in their browser. They may add a homescreen bookmark to quickly relaunch it when needed. The EventMobi app for iOS and Android is installed from the native app store and automatically appears on their homescreen.

Although both provide offline access to your event’s content, only people using the native app will receive push notifications.

Your event information will be downloaded for offline access for users of both the native app and web app. How long this content remains available for web app users is dependent on their browser’s cache system and available storage.

With EventMobi, launching your app to your attendees can be done in a number of simple ways. Direct your attendees to visit and click the iOS or Android button depending on their device type. This will download a native app on their device. They’ll then enter your event code and the app will be launched. The benefits of downloading the native app is that it allows for push notifications to be received by your attendees.

You can also choose to promote the web version of your app by directing your attendees to

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