Which devices support EventMobi’s offline capability?


Our offline-capable event apps work seamlessly on newer mobile devices -- Android 4 and later, BlackBerry OS 10 and later, and iOS 6 and later. They will also work on all desktop browsers including Internet Explorer versions later than 9, but you will not be able to download the app to your desktop and will need to leave the app open to access it offline.

Mobile devices older than 3 years are less predictable. All devices will require connectivity for the initial download of the app.


While you can view all the app content offline, there are some interactive functions that require connectivity. These are

  • receiving updates,
  • sending yourself notes,
  • adding or editing your attendee profile,
  • uploading images,
  • viewing attached resource documents,
  • participating in polls, surveys, and session feedback,
  • ​and displaying the results live ,and getting alerts.


With our native app add-on, you can also put your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Our native apps are available for mobile devices running iOS 7 and higher, and Android 4 and higher.

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