How can I restrict access to my app?


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App Security is a feature that is either part of your package already or can be added at an additional cost. Check with your Account Manager to learn more about your package. App security includes two layers of protection for restricting access.

Event App Protection 

Protect your app with a passcode of your choosing, which attendees will be required to enter to gain access to your app.

Registered Users Only

Everyone will be prompted to log in before they gain access to the app, and only emails associated with registered users in the Attendees and Speakers modules will be accepted.

Enabling App Security

Both security layers can be activated in the App Security module under General Settings in your Content Manager. To activate them both, switch both toggles to YES

Smart Launch Pages and the EventMobi App

When App Security is applied, users who attempt to access your event using the Smart Launch page URL, or the EventMobi app will only see the login page requesting the security requirement that has been enabled (i.e. passcode and/or email address). Users cannot access any of your event information without entering the correct criteria to verify that they are permitted to view and access the app. 

Custom Branded Apps and Event Pages

If you are hosting your Custom Branded App or Custom Branded Event Page under your own developer account within the Apple App Store or Google Play, then it is important to note that users will have access to view your app listing and download the app. Once security is enabled however, they will not be permitted to log into the app that has been downloaded without providing the correct criteria that you have established, be is the app passcode or a registered email. 


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