What are alerts and how do I use them?


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Alerts are a great way to notify your attendees of any pertinent information during the event. Has there been a room change for a session? Is lunch ready to be served? Send out an alert! You can even send targeted alerts to specific groups established in your attendees listing. Click here for more on that.

The most recent alert will pop-up as soon as you send it out (or when the attendee next opens the app, whichever happens first). On the app, all recent alerts appear in the Event Feed at the top of the app. (However, swiping right gives you the Menu and swiping left gives you the Attendee Dashboard, and Event Feed doesn't appear in either.)


Attendees that have downloaded the EventMobi app or a Custom Branded App from the Apple App Store or Google Play will also receive these alerts as push notifications (provided you have toggled this option while creating the alert). It is important to note that the user must provide permission for the push notifications to be received on their device, and will have to have the app downloaded prior to the alert being sent. Also, these are sent to all attendees using Apple or Android devices, regardless of the attendee groups you created. 


1. From the Alerts module, click Send out a new alert.

2. Fill out the Alert Title, which cannot exceed 100 characters, and the Alert Content.

In the Send to options, select All Attendees to send it to everyone, Groups to send it to specific attendees, or Sessions to send it to people who have added specific sessions to their schedules.

(NOTE: If you want to send targeted alerts to specific groups of attendees, you will have to establish these groups in the attendees module first. 
Click here for more information about how you can create Attendee Groups for sending alerts to specific attendees.)


4. If you want to create the alert now but have it sent out later, shift the Pre-Schedule Alert toggle to YES and choose the date and time. Otherwise, the alert will go out immediately and attendees will receive a pop-up with the alert title and a link to the alert in the Alerts module. 

NOTE: The time zone selected in the Event Info module affects when alerts go out; be sure to select the time zone for your event if different from your own time zone.

5. If you would like to send an accompanying email to everyone in the Attendees module, shift the Send Alert by Email toggle to YES. This is a good option if you're concerned that attendees might not see the alert if they don't have the app open or might have opted out of push notifications for the app, as most people do still receive push notifications when they receive an email. 

6. If you would like to send as a push notification to iOS (iPhones, iPads, etc.) and Android users (who must download the EventMobi app or a Custom Branded App from the Apple App Store and Google Play app stores, respectively). Push notifications are only available for alerts meant for all attendees. Targeted alerts are not eligible for push notifications.

7. Click Send Alert and confirm on the subsequent pop-up.



Push notifications are available for users that have downloaded your event information from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, be it through the EventMobi app or a Custom Branded App. These notifications are shown when the app is closed or another app is in use. Push notifications ensure that attendees using iOS and Android devices will get your alerts and updates, even if they don't have the app open when you send them out. However, it's good to keep the following in mind:

  • Users can download the EventMobi app using the Smart Launch page specific to your event. The URL should follow the format eventmobi.com/app/eventcode
  • Only users who have downloaded the app before your alert was scheduled to go out will receive it as a push notification.
  • Push notifications are sent to all iOS and Android users. You cannot send targeted alerts as push notifications at this time.
  • Attendees can opt out of push notifications, so it's not a bad idea to send an accompanying email with your alert, which you can do within the Alerts module.
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