How do I display questions and responses to a live audience?


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You can display questions and their responses to your audience live using the live Results page for any question. This applies to session polls, event surveys, and the Ask a Question feature; live results are not available for questions created under the Session Feedback tab.

You can also time and moderate your audience interactions. Hide questions until you're ready to reveal them or filter live results for relevance and propriety.


To get to the live Results page for a given question
1. Make sure you're in the 
Live Polls section and switch to the Results tab.
2. Click 
Expand next to the relevant session poll or event survey to view its results options.
3. Select Customize if you want to change any of the default colors, and customize the colors using the color picker or by entering the specific color hex codes in the adjoined fields.

You can also set the colors of the bars and pie chart slices from the Settings tab.

4. Click the orange 
Results button access the Live Results page for that question.

5. Copy the URL from the Results page that pops up and provide it to your presenter or AV team.

This page will update in realtime as people are submitting their answers. The URL for this page is all you need to give your presenter or A/V team to allow them to display the results live; they do not need access to the Content Manager. 

NOTE: We recommend using Google Chrome to display your live results. We also recommend that you run through the live poll before the session to make sure that everything is set up properly, and to ensure that your presenter has set up the transitions between the poll and other session elements correctly.

With your live Results page open, click the downward arrow in the top-right corner of the screen to open the settings for that live poll, which you can use to change the page's colours, text size, and full-screen status.

6. If your question is an open-text question, you can also moderate the submissions by clicking the Moderate button and hiding individual submissions from view. You can choose to hide all responses by default, showing individual submissions as you see fit, under the Settings tab in the Polls and Feedback module.



Ask a Question lets you collect questions and comments from your attendees that you can direct to your speaker or display on a large screen. The questions will also appear in the Ask a Question forum for any session, and you can moderate the questions in both the live Results page and on the app.

1. Under the Ask a Question tab, switch from Questions to Results.
Select Customize if you want to change any of the default colors, and customize the colors using the color picker or by entering the specific color hex codes in the adjoined fields.
3. Click the orange Results button for the relevant session.

4. If you want to display the questions to the presenter or on a big screen, provide them or your AV team with the URL from the Results page; they do not need access to the Content Manager. 

NOTE: Internet Explorer does not support realtime updates on the live Results page. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

5. To moderate the questions being shown on the Results page and in the Ask a Question forum on the app, click the blue Moderate button.

To hide all submissions by default, navigate to the Settings tab and make the appropriate selection.



For open-text questions in live polls and event surveys, as well as submitted questions within the Ask a Question feature, you have the ability to moderate audience responses and control what content is displayed. In the Settings tab of the Polls & Feedback module, you can determine whether responses will be shown live or hidden by default.

Switching to the Results tab under Live Polls, Ask a Question, or Event Surveys, you will find a Moderate button next to every open-text question and beside every session for which Ask a Question is enabled.

Clicking it will give you a version of the Live Results page with a Hide/Show button next to each audience submission, which you can use to determine what to display to your attendees.



Hide or delete a live polls, session feedback questions, or event surveys  by clicking the Hide button or trash-can icon respectively.Keep in mind that deleting a question, poll, or survey will delete all the responses associated with it. If you want to delete a question that you no longer need, please download the results first.

Once you hide a poll, question, or survey, the Hide button becomes a Show button, which you can click to reveal it at any time.

Ask a Question is a function that you can enable for specific sessions but you don't have to create any specific questions for it. As such, there's no real need to hide or delete anything, but you can enable or disable it for particular sessions under the Questions tab.

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