Where can I download the results?


For each audience engagement tool, you can download all the attendees' submissions in Excel or as a PDF complete with colorful charts.

1. Switch to the Results tab.
2. Click the Download button and select Excel to receive the raw data or PDF to get a full report for presentations and debriefs.

Live PollsAsk a Question, and Event Surveys also give you the option of viewing the results for particular questions and sessions, which you can find by switching to the Results tab and clicking the orange Results button. For Live Polls and Event Surveys, you can download a PDF report with the results for particular questions by clicking the green Download PDF button next to the relevant question.



Yes. If an attendee has signed in with their email before submitting a response, you will be able to track how they responded and when. In the Polls & Feedback module under the Settings tab, you can make logging in mandatory for participating in Polls & Feedback to track everyone, or you can choose to keep everything anonymous.


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