When should I launch my app and how do I promote it to my attendees?


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Because the app is live as soon as you start building it, “launching” your event information happens the second you start promoting it to your attendees. The earlier you launch your app, the more time attendees have to get the app, familiarize themselves with it, create their profiles, and begin networking, which leads to higher overall usage and a better ROI.

If you want to launch the app but haven’t finished creating it, you can create a “Coming Soon” landing page. Click here to find out how!


When you're ready to launch, take a peek at the Promotion section of the Content Manager. There, you can download customizable event posters, website badges, email templates and send out social media blasts. We recommend that you start promoting your event app at least two weeks prior to the event so everyone has a chance to check it out, log in, create their personal schedule, and generate a buzz.

We’ve collected a lot of good tips and best practices over the years, and we want to share them with you! You can find a promotional guide in your Promotion section and by clicking here.


The EventMobi app is available to iOS and Android device users, and can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play using the Smart Launch page assigned to your event. The Smart Launch page URL will follow the format eventmobi.com/app/eventcode and allows the user to launch your event information automatically once the EventMobi app has been downloaded. 

Attendees who visit the Smart Launch page using a desktop or Windows device will be directed to the web based version of our app. 

If you are creating a Custom Branded App, or Custom Branded Event Pages then users will have access to download your event information directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play. To do so, our App Release Coordinator will need to work on creating a file which you can then upload to your developer account directly. The timeline for this process can be from 4-8 weeks in total, so be sure to keep this in mind with any anticipated launch dates. 

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