Can we have multilingual native apps in the app stores?


EventMobi allows you to choose from 17 different languages. By selecting a different language from the Event Info module, all of the non-editable, hardcoded text in your app (date formats, headers, instructional messaging, etc.) is instantly translated.

Since each app can only have one language attributed to it, you need a separate app for every language you want to offer. In the web version, each app can be linked together so attendees can easily navigate from one to the other. Each language version will also have its own unique event code that can be used to access it from the EventMobi app that is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. 


One catch is that, since each language requires its own app, attendees using the app in one language will not be able to message attendees using the app in another language (i.e. because they are technically different apps, even though they belong to the same event). 

One way to get around this is to offer a default language for your app and to enable messaging only in that app. You can then use this app to direct those who would prefer to view the app in another language to the other apps you have created. The last step is to put some verbiage on that app to indicate that, if they want to chat with other attendees, they will have to use the default app.

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