Is the event app available in my language?

EventMobi allows you to choose one of 23 different languages for your event app. Changing the language selected in the Event Info module, updates all of the non-editable, hardcoded text in your app (date formats, headers, instructional messaging, etc.) to the new language.

Since each app can only have one language attributed to it, you need a separate app for every language you want to offer. In the web version, each app can be linked together so attendees can easily navigate from one to the other.

The EventMobi Universal app makes accessing the appropriate version of your event app a snap – simply direct your attendees to install the app via and share the appropriate Event Code for each language with them.

If you choose to publish content for each language in separate event apps, we recommend restricting in-app messaging and other interactive features to a single primary app. Be sure to direct attendees here from the per-language apps by using a home screen widget or other content. This will ensure that attendees don’t miss messages and makes sure their voices are heard during live polls and Q&A.


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