Is the native app compatible with all the other features in my package?


Ask and you shall receive! As EventMobi grows and we continue to build relationships with all of you, so does our commitment to using your feedback to make sure we're addressing all your needs. One consistent theme in all our conversations is inclusivity. We agree that a good app should be accessible to all of your attendees and everyone should find it easy to use. To that end, we made it a priority to bolster accessibility for people looking for the app in an app store. EventMobi apps can now be accessed from any current device using a mainstream browser and in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For a more detailed list of compatible devices and browsers, click here.



The app functions just as it always has, and as we continue to develop our native features, you can expect to see some more enhancements! Our policy has always been to deliver what value we can, when we can, and to work collaboratively with you to develop the solution in a way that best addresses your needs.

That said, one feature not supported entirely by the native app is 
White Label, which is used to mask EventMobi's branding on the app and to reinforce your own branding. EventMobi is shown as the app's developer in each app store, and at this time, that cannot be changed.



Our App Security feature allows you to protect your data by preventing the general public from accessing it and encrypting it as it passes through the app. If you decide to use App Security, your app will remain closed to the public. However, we must provide the app stores with access to your app data when we submit it for their approval. Each app store has its own robust policies and procedures governing the protection of your data, but we have no control over that.

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