How Do I Make My Custom Native App Available In The App Store?

EventMobi apps are accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play. If you have chosen to use a custom native app for your upcoming event, you will see a Native App module under General Settings. Once you're ready to submit your app, you just have to access the Custom App tab to fill in the relevant details for the app store listings and select the Submit to App Stores option. 

When should I submit my native app?
What operating systems do we support for native?
How complete does my app need to be before I submit?
What information cannot be changed after I submit?


The processing time for each app store is different but it can take as long as three weeks. To ensure that you have allotted the necessary time, you must submit your app for approval no later than three weeks before you want to release it to the public. This is a strict deadline and our support team is always available to ensure that you are able to meet it.


  • iOS 8+
  • Android 4.4+


There must be data available in each visible module on the front-end of the app. The app should appear as though it is ready to launch to whoever may be reviewing it from the app store. Apart from the information in your Native App section, you will be able to make changes to the app once it has been submitted. Apple uses real people to review each app, so there is a higher likelihood that the app may be rejected if it appears incomplete. For this reason, placeholder text such as Lorem Ipsum should be avoided. 

For more information on what may cause an app to be rejected, take a look at this page on


Before your app can be submitted to the app stores for approval, a number of details (pictured below) have to be finalized on the Custom App tab of the Native App section in your Content Manager. If you want to change these details after your app has been submitted, please contact EventMobi support.




Although a splashscreen image is not a required field it is a great way to add some additional branding to your app. Splashscreen images will appear for a few seconds after the app is opened on both iOS & Android devices. Our recommended dimensions are a width of 1375 pixels by a height of 2200 pixels. We also suggest using a transparent PNG24 for best results!


Once you have submitted your custom native app, your Native App module will become a status page on which you can see the progress for each app store. 


As your app is approved in each app store, you will receive a confirmation email providing you with the link to your app in the Apple App and Google Play stores. You can use these links to promote your native app to attendees. 

While your native app download stats aren’t displayed in your Content Manager, you can contact EventMobi support and request the download numbers for your app.

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