How can I add pages to my Infobooth?


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Add A Page To Your Infobooth

The Infobooth module allows you to add a multitude of pages and documents to your event app. To add a page to your Infobooth, select the Infobooth module in the Content Manager System and click the green ‘Add Page’ button in the top left corner.

Enter the title and page content into the appropriate fields. If you wish to add an image to the page, select the checkbox and choose the image from your files. You can decide to display the image at the top or bottom of the Infobooth page you are currently working on. If you have an URL image, you can insert this by clicking the ‘Rich Text’ icon in the top left corner of the page content editor.

To save any changes, click the blue ‘Add’ button in the bottom right corner.

You can also add a direct link by clicking on the ‘Add Link’ tab, enter the name of the Infobooth page and insert the direct link, for example to a hosted document. Save all changes by clicking ‘Add’ in the bottom right corner.

Reorder Pages In Your Infobooth

If you wish to change the order of your pages within the Infobooth, click the ‘Customize’ tab in the top right corner. You can now see all pages and links you have added to your Infobooth. With your mouse, drag the handle to the left of each page and drop it to your preferred location.

Suggested Infobooth Pages
In order to offer the best experience to your attendees, here are some examples of pages that you might want to add to your Infobooth in order of importance:

  • How To Use Your App

  • A Message From The President

  • WiFi Connection Details

  • Transportation To And From Your Event

  • Parking Info & Map

  • Weather

  • Reception Info

  • Things to Bring

  • Dress Code

  • Hotel Info

  • Coat Check

  • Washroom Info

  • Things to Do & Places To Visit

  • Coupons / Special Discounts

  • Places to Eat

  • Vegetarian Food Options

  • In Case of Emergency

  • Learn How to Partner with Us

  • Info On Our Next Event

Further Customization Of Your Infobooth Page

From the customize area, you can rename a page by clicking on its name. To change the icon, click the icon and choose one of EventMobi’s icons or upload your own. To hide a page, click on the “Hide” button on the right.

Once you are finished editing, click the ‘Save Changes’ button in the bottom right corner.

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