How can I add my maps to my app?


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By default, your app package will allow you to upload only one map. This is because session and company locations link to your map, and when clicked, the location will open the map automatically. If you have more than one image map, clicking a location will simply bring attendees to a list of your maps, and they will need to know which map they need to open, which can be confusing if you haven't named your locations in a way that indicates which map they appear in.

If you want to upload multiple floor plans, we recommend merging them into one image, as in this example, or adding Interactive Maps to your package. The Executive package includes Interactive Maps.


When uploading an image map, keep in mind that most people will view it on their mobile devices. There is no strict size limit but we recommend 1200px in width and 1500px in height (the average width of an iPhone screen is approximately 300-400pxl). The accepted image file formats are JPG, JPEG, or GIF.

Step 1: From the Maps section, click Add a map.
Step 2: Select An Image from the Map Type options.
Step 3: Upload your map and click Add.


You can also embed a Google map to replace your image.

Step 1: Navigate to and search for your venue.
Step 2: Click the gears icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and select Share and embed map.
Step 3: Switch to the Embed map tab and copy the link provided.

Step 4: Return to your Maps module in the Content Manager. Name your map and select A Google Map from the Map Type options.
Step 5: Paste your embed link into the Google Maps URL field and click Add at the bottom.



You can also feature a Google Map with multiple locations, which appears this way on the app.

Multiple Gmap Locations.gif

To get started, go to and sign in with your google account.

1. Click Create a new map.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.51.54 AM.png


2. Search for a location, click on the pin drop and select Add to map.

Add locations.gif


3. When your map is completed, click Share.


4. Give the map a name and description.

5. The sharing settings should pop up, and the map will be private by default. Click Change, and make the map public.


6. Click the three dots to the right of the Share button.


7. Select Embed on my site.


8. Copy the URL from the Embed link and paste it into the Google Maps URL field in the CMS as you normally would. 

Now, when you go to your map, you have a shiny new google map with multiple pin drops.


Interactive Mapping allows your attendees to find the exact locations of your sessions or company booths on your floor plan. When they click a session or booth location, the relevant floor plan will automatically pop up and a red pin-drop will indicate exactly where on the map they need to go.

If Interactive Mapping is part of your package, just send your maps to Support when your Agenda and Sponsors/Exhibitors modules have been completed, and we’ll take it from there. Please note the recommended map dimensions and keep in mind that plotting your pin-drops can take up to one week to complete.

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