Can I create a personal schedule for my attendees?


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Attendees on the app can add their favourite sessions to their personal schedule by clicking Add to your Schedule on a given session's page. You can also proactively add sessions to their personal schedules. 

Step 1: Open your Agenda Details spreadsheet. If you haven't added any sessions, click ImportDownload Excel Templates. If you have already added your sessions, click Export > Agenda.

Step 2: For each session, enter the attendees’ email addresses in the Attendees column. Multiple email addresses must be separated with a comma (e.g.,,etc.).

Step 3: Save and import the spreadsheet back into the Agenda module. Click Import > Agenda Details > Choose Files, and select the file you've just been working on.

Note: Only those attendees who have been added to the Attendees module or logged into the app on their own can have a personal schedule. If you have not yet launched your app, please be sure to add your attendees before you attempt to create a personal schedule for them.

If you'd like to send us a copy of your attendee and agenda data, someone from Support would be happy to help you determine the fastest way to populate the Attendees column. Don't hesitate to contact us.


On our old platform, planners used to like to add personal schedule links in the list of sections to draw attention to the fact that attendees had personal schedules. In our new platform, this is prominently displayed in the attendee dashboard already, and you can add an Agenda widget on the Home Screen of your app, which will display upcoming sessions in the personal schedule of any logged-in attendee. To find out more about the Agenda widget, check out this article of the FAQs.


The link for the personal schedule page is where YourEvent must be replaced with the shortcode for your event, found after

Attendees must be logged in to view their personal schedule. If you do want to display a link to their personal schedules somewhere, you're free to do so, but those who have not logged in will just get a prompt to do so. 
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