Can I upload all my profile pictures and company logos at once?


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Definitely! You can upload all of your attendees', speakers', and companies' images en masse using the Import function, and you will see the Import and Export buttons at the top-right of your Agenda, Attendees, Speakers, and Companies modules.


Step 1: Compress all of your images into a zipped (.zip) file. The .zip file should not exceed 20MB but multiple zipped files can be imported.

Mac: Highlight and right-click the images, then select "Compress." A zipped file, usually named "," will automatically be generated.
Windows: Highlight and right-click the images, and select "Send To" and then "Compressed (zipped) Folder."

Step 2: Import your .zip file. Click Import > Images > Choose Files and select your .zip file.

Step 3: Open your Attendees, Speakers, or Companies Details spreadsheet and fill it out, following the template. If you have already added them, click Export > Attendees/Speakers/Companies and open the downloaded Excel spreadsheet.

Note: If you don't have the spreadsheets yet, you can get them by clicking Import > Download Excel Templates.

Step 4: Input the picture filenames (e.g. Panelists.jpg) in the Picture column of the associated attendees, speakers, or companies template. The Picture column is case-sensitive so filenames must be exact. 

Step 5: Save and import the spreadsheet into the relevant module. Click Import > [Module Name] Details > Choose Files and select your spreadsheet.

Congratulations! You have uploaded your images! Please let Support know if you run into any problems; we would be happy to jump on a call with you to walk you through it.
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