How do I order my attendees and speakers by last name?


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By default, your attendees and speakers are in alphabetical order in the app. Since there is only one name field, if you want them ordered alphabetically by last name, just be sure to input them in the "Last, First" format rather than "First Last." If you have already entered them in the "First Last" format, you can easily switch them around in Excel.


1.  Export your data into Excel from the Content Manager. (Just navigate to your Speakers or Attendees module and click Export on the top-right.)

2.  Copy the Name column and paste the column into a new worksheet.

3.  Highlight the entire column and use the Text to Columns function in Excel to separate the first and last names, making sure that Space is one of the delimiters.

4.  Click the first cell in the next column and use the CONCATENATE function to put the names back in the right order. Make sure the first text reference is the last name, the second is a comma and a space (i.e. ", "), and the last text reference is the first name. Click the bottom-right corner of that cell and drag down to apply the formula to all the names.

5.  When you're done, copy all the names and use Paste Special to paste only the values and not the formula back into your Speakers or Attendees spreadsheet.

6. Save the spreadsheet and import it back into the Content Manager.

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