The names and emails of my attendees/speakers are mismatched! Help!

This is likely because there was an error in the imported data. To fix the issue, simply Export the affected listing (attendees or speakers), edit the emails to reflect the appropriate owners, change the ID numbers, and Import the spreadsheet back into the module.

Correcting The Data
Step 1: Export the affected listing. Click Export > Attendees/Speakers.

Step 2: Open the spreadsheet and correct the email information.

Step 3: Assign all the affected rows an ID that has not been used before. If your ID column is a sequence of numbers, say between 1 and 25, the fastest way to do this is to delete the whole column and input all-new IDs starting from 26 and finishing at 50. That way each row is sure to get a brand new, totally unique ID.

Step 4: Save

Wiping Out The Bad Data
Step 1: Download an empty Excel template for whatever listing you want to correct.

Step 2: Import the empty spreadsheet into the affected module, wiping out all the existing data.

Inputting The Corrected Data
Now you can Import the corrected spreadsheet. Click Import > Attendees/Speakers Details > Choose Files and select the spreadsheet you had just been working on.

If this doesn’t work, please contact support with your original document and a step-by-step account of how you encountered the issue.

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