What is the best way to upload my content? Can I use Excel for that?


  This article is for our Classic Content Manager.

If you are an EventMobi customer and using experience.eventmobi.com, your account is using our new Experience Manager. If this is the case, please visit help.eventmobi.com

You sure can! Below, you'll find instructions for adding things one at a time, en masse through Excel, and, depending on your registration system, using our automatic sync.


You can add content manually by going into the relevant module, clicking the green Add button on the top-left, and filling out the subsequent form.

As you fill out the form, keep in mind that fields with a red asterisk are mandatory. You can also edit individual entries, regardless of how you input them, by clicking Edit to the right of the relevant entry.


For all your data-heavy sections (i.e. Agenda, Attendees, Speakers, and Companies modules), uploading your content en masse using Excel will save you a ton of time. You will see two buttons at the top-right of these modules: Import and Export.


Step 1: Grab the EventMobi Templates

Download the EventMobi Templates folder. Just click Import > Download Excel Templates. Once you have your templates, you can fill them in with your information. Be sure not to alter any of the columns; if you don't want to use one of the columns, just leave it empty rather than deleting it. 


Step 2: Find the Right Spreadsheet

Open the template that corresponds with what you want to import. Some modules allow you to import more than one type of data, and each type will have its own spreadsheet. For example, within the Agenda module, you can organize your sessions into tracks. Both sessions and tracks have their own spreadsheets (the Agenda Tracks and Agenda Details spreadsheets, respectively). 

If you want to take advantage of the grouping functions (tracks for sessions, groups for attendees, or categories for companies), it is best to complete and import these first.


Step 3: Complete the Spreadsheet

Fill out the spreadsheet according to the format in the template. An asterisk in the column header indicates mandatory columns while a red marker indicates that you can hover over it for more information. The ID column is mandatory and must contain a unique value for every row within a given spreadsheet. Be sure to save the spreadsheet when you’re finished.

Connecting Things in Excel
You can also use Excel to put sessions into tracks, attendees into groups, and companies into categories.

Let's say you want to put your sessions into tracks. First, you have to fill out your Agenda Tracks spreadsheet. If you've already created your tracks in the Content Manager, you're only going to need your Agenda Tracks spreadsheet as a reference. Once your tracks have been established, you can put your sessions in them. All the linking actually happens in the Agenda Details spreadsheet, which is used to create your sessions.

To link them up, all you need to do is get the track IDs (whatever you made them, they can be anything) from the Agenda Tracks spreadsheet and put them in the Tracks column of the Agenda Details spreadsheet next to the relevant sessions.


Step 4: Importing the Spreadsheet

Import the spreadsheet by clicking Import, make sure the correct tab is selected (for example, Tracks or Agenda Details in the Agenda module), and choose your file.

If something goes wrong when you upload your spreadsheet, you should receive an error message that indicates exactly what the problem is, including the exact cells involved. If you are having trouble correcting the errors in your spreadsheet, don't hesitate to contact Support, preferably with a screenshot of the failed error message and a copy of the spreadsheet you're trying to import.

If you would like to use Import to upload all of your images for attendees, speakers, or sponsors, take a look at these instructions.

NOTE: When you import a spreadsheet, you overwrite the existing data in the module with what is on the spreadsheet. It’s a good idea to always Export a module before you edit it. This ensures that you’re working with the most up-to-date information and that you have a backup of your most recent import in case you lose your data.



If you're using EventMobi for the registration at your event, the information gathered will automatically populate your Attendees module.

If you're using a different company to manage the registration for your event, we may have an integration with their systems that will allow you to pull certain information into your app directly so you don't have to worry about adding it yourself. Definitely let Support know the company you decided to go with and we will find out if there is an integration for it.


If none of these ways work for you or you're having trouble with any of them, definitely let us know. (In fact, you don't even have to upload your content yourself, and you can read this FAQs article for more information on that.)

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