How do I create a game for my event?


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Gamification is the real-world application of games and gaming mechanics to solve problems and achieve business objectives. This may include incentivizing problem-solving and engagement, and adding a layer of competition to motivate people to act.


EventMobi Gamification takes the form of versatile passcode challenges that attendees can access right from the app.

To complete a challenge, attendees need only enter the passcode you've created for it at the top.



Game Design

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to build your game, it's worth mentioning a few things about game design. The first is that you want to align your game and your challenges with your event objectives, creating incentives for doing actions that will lead people to the takeaways you want for your event. If you want people to register early, put a passcode at the end of the registration page and get people rolling with the game from the start. If you want people to network, create challenges around making connections. You can find more information on the use-cases and game types we recommend in these implementation guides:

Icebreaker Challenge
Session Check-In
Traffic Conductor
Logistics Operator

Setting Up Your Game

1. Navigate to your Gamification module and then to the Game Settings tab.
2. Decide whether to hide all your challenges by default so you can stagger them or reveal them on your own time. It's important to note the distinction between hiding them and disabling them. Hiding them removes them from the challenge listing in the game, but people could theoretically still enter the passcode and complete the challenge. Disabling the challenges allows people to see the challenge in the list of challenges but prohibits them from responding to the challenge. 
3. Name your game and provide a description of the game that will appear when people start the game.


Creating Your Challenges Manually

1. Navigate to your Gamification module.
2. Under the Challenges Listing tab, click Add.
3. Name your challenge and allot the points for completing it. Use the description to give your attendees instructions for completing it.
4. Click Save.


Creating Your Challenges Through Excel

1. Download the Excel templates by clicking Import > Download Excel Templates.
2. Open the Challenges template.
3. Fill in your challenges and use the leftmost column to determine the order they appear. Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk.
4. Save your spreadsheet and import it back into the Content Manager by clicking Import and selecting the file you've just been working on.

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