How long does it take to develop an EventMobi mobile event app?

Your event app can be ready for launch in as little as one business day. Most event content can be added to the EventMobi Content Manager in as little as three hours, though information for more complex events may take more time to add.

Publishing your content is quick and easy with our team here to assist you! Throughout the creation of your app, our Support team is available to answer any questions you may have about the product. Your Event Success Coach can also provide you with recommendations for getting the most out of your event app experience, and help you in developing an overall strategy.

If your information is organized in spreadsheets, download our Excel templates to make publishing your content even faster. We are happy to offer advice on adding your data to the Content Manager. Simply send us a sample of your event content to get a professional review and advice.

Once your app has been activated it can be accessed at any time within your computer browser using your Event App URL (example: or on a smartphone device using your Smart Launch page. This allows Apple and Android device users to download and launch your event from the EventMobi Universal App (example: If the Universal App has already been downloaded to the device, the Smart Launch page will launch the app automatically. 

If you need assistance or advice, you can reach our team via the Content Manager’s Live Chat, by phone at 1-888-296-8415 (extension 2), or by email at

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