How long does it take to develop an EventMobi mobile event app?

3, 2, 1, Launch!

Your mobile event guide can be ready for launch in as little as one business day. Once we set you up with an account, you can begin creating your app right away. For those with Pro or Max packages (and as an add-on for Flex packages), our support team will also reach out to offer you a comprehensive, one-on-one app setup session to make sure you know exactly what to do once you get behind the wheel. Afterwards and throughout the creation of your mobile app, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

From there, it just depends on the size and complexity of your event and on how your event data is organized. It can take as little as three hours to upload your content through the Content Manager, and the best way to have your data organized is in Excel. Feel free to send us a sample of your data so we can help you determine the fastest way to get it on the app. And, if you haven't started compiling your data yet, ask us for our Excel templates so you can store it in the format most conducive to the upload.

Using EventMobi should be effortless so definitely take advantage of EventMobi Support if you're having trouble. You can reach us from the blue Live Chat box in the bottom-right corner of your Content Manager, at, or by phone at 1-888-296-8415 x 2.



You can now make your app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play with just one click, but please be advised that it may require up to three weeks for it to be approved by any given app store and it may not be made available on all app stores simultaneously.

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