What does EventMobi do?


EventMobi allows planners to manage every step of their attendees' experience, from the registration site to the mobile event guide and post-event analytics. With EventMobi's dynamic, easy-to-use platform and free, enthusiastic support team, planners can create fully customized registration sites and mobile apps. Everything from traditional printed material to session collateral and brochures can be transferred easily to an event app, and with EventMobi Registration, all your attendee information can be carried with it.

As a leader in the industry, EventMobi has harnessed HTML5 technology to create a platform that combines the key benefits of web apps and native apps. EventMobi event apps give event planners a fast and affordable option with the flexibility of web apps and the offline-capability of native apps! EventMobi apps can be accessed directly from any internet browser or in the Apple App Store and Google Play, and can be updated on the fly. 


A one-stop solution, EventMobi's platform allows event planners to create custom registration sites that flow perfectly to EventMobi mobile apps. Planners no longer need to collect registrant data in one platform only to have to enter it into another or go through any number of companies for their registration, mobile app, and survey needs. Click here to learn more about EventMobi Registration.


Add some flight and fancy to your event with an engaging game! Game mechanics have been proven to bolster involvement and attention as the sense of achievement and problem resolution create positive motivation. Encourage traffic around a trade show by rewarding attendees for visiting different company booths in a check-in game. Award badges to attendees who've completed certain activities to make sure they take advantage of the whole event. Click here to learn more about our Gamification feature.

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