What Updates Can I Make To The App Once It Has Been Submitted To The App Stores?

Once your Custom Native App has been submitted to the app stores, you will have access to add or edit any content in the app sections. This includes adding and editing profiles, sessions or challenges, as well as unhiding modules that you previously had hidden from view. Some updates, however, will require us to resubmit the app to change the content that displays in the app store listings.

Below you will find a list of the information that cannot be updated without a resubmission to the app stores: 


  • Event App Icon
  • Loading & Menu Image 
  • Splash Screen Image 


  • Event App URL 
  • Event Name
  • App Name 
  • Short Description 
  • Full Description 
  • Keywords

Should you require the information outlined to be updated, a resubmission will need to be processed. This will follow the regular timeline requirements of 2-3 weeks, however if your app has already been approved the it will remain accessible for attendees to download until the resubmission is approved. If you are looking to update the information contained within the app store listing, you will want to contact Support so that we can enable the Custom App tab of your Native App section to allow you to apply your edits and resubmit. 

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