Will Updates To My App Be Reflected in the EventMobi App or my Custom Branded App?


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Although your event information will be accessible natively by downloading the EventMobi app, it will not require the standard approval process and timelines. Updates you make to your app will be reflected instantly for attendees that are using the EventMobi app and the web based version of your app. Most changes will push through to their device automatically while some may require the attendees to simply press the refresh button in the app menu.

A list of all changes that will trigger the Update App option on the app can be found in the following article


Custom Branded Apps

During the submission and approval process, you are still able to make many additions and edits to your event information without requiring a resubmission, and even after the app has been approved. 

There are a few exceptions, however, that will require a resubmission to be processed in order to apply a specific update. A resubmission will be applicable when: 

  • The app listing information will need to be changed (example the App Name, Event Name or description) 
  • The App Icon or Splashscreen image need to be changed
  • The Event Code has been updated  
  • The keywords used to search for the app must be changed
  • The screenshots contained in the app listing need to be updated
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